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Widget & Flashcard

Langwid® is a language learning app specially designed to take full advantage of the outstanding power of the Widget feature combined with the unconscious learning method. 

Improve your vocabulary

10,000 words & phrases

Grammar learning

Divided into many levels

Exam preparation

Full of knowledge to help you prepare for the exam

Learn on lock screen

Every time you open your home screen, words/phrases will natively be bounded to your mind, repeatedly.

Learn by flashcard

Bright design app with a minimalistic, easy-to-remember flashcard learning method

Test every lesson

After each lesson you will review again by taking tests.

How to learn language with Langwid app?

Easy, less effort and all necessary words will be in your mind.

Choose topic
Minimalist & beautiful learning interface

Easily memorize new words

Test for each lesson

Review with a test to help you repeat vocabulary again

Reminder by widget & notification

Each time you turn on the phone, you will be reminded of the words again.

Keep track of your learning

Track your learning curve and persistence.


by topic or level

Vocabulary set of more than 10,000 words & grammars divided into many topics & levels suitable for JLPT practice and daily communication.

Learn by topic

Vocabulary is divided by topic to help you easily associate & connect with each other

More 40 topic

Learn by exam level

Want to learn vocabulary for the exam in the next few months? Let’s learn the list of words divided by level.

From N5-N1 level

Learn Grammar by level

Grammar is also divided with different levels.

From N5 – N1 level

Screen shoot

Look at the screenshot to better understand the Langwid: Learn Japanese widget application.

Review from User


4,8/5 star

Hey just want to say great app and I love the widget feature. Can you add the ability to ‘uncheck’ words. I accidentally marked a couple as ‘got it’ and can not uncheck them.

Very handy, few bugs though

I’m really enjoying this app — it quizzes / introduces words at a practical cadence. The sentences in particular are great for understanding the usage of a word.

Great app! Keeps me studying even when I only have a few minutes to spare

User-friendly application interface. Learn easy easily and conveniently with flashcard. And especially I like to learn Japanese right on the screen. It’s help me learn every day.

Widget is ok

This is a great app to remember japanese words. But is there a way to hide romanji in the widgets so that it shows the kana or kanji and the meaning and not the romanji. if there isn’t there should definitely be a way.

Great but

I am enjoying this app and actually went ahead and did the full purchase. I’ve even gone so far as to recommend it to some of my other Japanese classmates to help with Flashcards.

Good, but a little tweaking needed

I need to learn Japanese quickly for an upcoming business trip. It's really useful because I can learn it every time I open the lock screen of my phone.

App looks good

Learn Language
Widget & Flashcard

A free survey for more than 300 learners at Dekisu learning center, the results showed that 95% of the participants responded positively to the application; 80% increase in ability to memorize vocabulary after a month.




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